Me:Mo TV has teamed up with Galvin at Windows’ General Manager and First Dates star Fred Sirieix to create a two-part podcast series to accompany the release of Fred’s new book Secret Service, called Secret Service: Extra Helpings. Commissioned by publisher Quadrille, it’s available on iTunes and all main podcast aggregators. The book draws on Fred’s lifetime of experience in the service industry and lifts the lid on the London restaurant scene and the podcast goes still further, getting an insight into how it was written, the stories behind it and Fred himself.

The series was recorded on-location at Galvin at Windows, the Michelin-starred London restaurant where Fred has been general manager since opening in 2006, with Fred in conversation with TV & radio host (and Me:Mo founder & MD) Nat Coombs. Being old friends and veterans of many show s together allows the series to tackle subjects which others have not and provide real insight into the man who is known in the industry as a “Service Jedi” and to the wider public at the “Maitre d’ of Love” thanks to BAFTA-winning First Dates.

Speaking about the series, Fred said: “Writing this book has been a labour of love for me. I’ve been working in this industry a long time and have had the chance to be involved with some amazing places and people, some of them amazing for the wrong reasons! Running Galvin at Windows for the last 11 years has given me an unparalleled opportunity to craft the place and people and it’s only right that we recorded the podcast on location there!

Me:Mo’s Head of Content, Harry Holgate, said: “Fred is one of those people who is just a pleasure to work with. His professional life is about insight and efficiency but most of all about people and I think this really comes across in the show. The relationship with Fred and host Nat have means the production was relaxed but insightful, getting to the heart of the book and the man and having a lot of fun doing so”

Secret Service: Extra Helpings can be downloaded here and the book is available via Amazon and in all good book shops now.